Photo by Jocelyn Chuang

Photo by Jocelyn Chuang

I am the founding violist of the GRAMMY-nominated Spektral Quartet in Chicago, and serve as the Minister of Propaganda for the ensemble. If you are of the disposition that enjoys a tablespoon of bullshit with your email newsletter, might I suggest you sign up for the quartet's mailing list, which I compose.

Please feel free to listen to our albums below, but not too many times, as Spotify tires quickly writing $0.03 checks. 


Spektral Quartet appears on CHI (tracks 4-7)



Of Being Is A Bird (2016)

Spektral Quartet appears on Selene (track 4)



FIN DE SI√ąCLE (2015)

Spektral Quartet appears on Chausson's Concert for violin, piano, and string quartet, Op. 21 (tracks 5-8)